Corporate Wellness Programs: A Win-Win for Everyone

​A company is only as healthy as its staff. Productivity, proficiency, efficiency and overall success of a company or corporation are a whole-team effort. Entities, both large and small, are realizing that they must care for their most valued resources—their human resources. Corporate wellness programs were introduced for the purpose of benefiting both the employee and the company. When personal health is a priority, employees have better attendance, produce more quality work and have more job satisfaction.

Here are just a few reasons that corporate wellness programs are beneficial:

  1. Decreased health care costs—Health care is getting more expensive every year. Wellness programs encourage preventative health care to keep costs down for employees and employers.
  2. Improved work performance—Employees who participate in wellness programs report a substantial improvement in the quality of their work.
  3. Increased self esteem and work place morale—Wellness programs cover many programs that may surprise you: exercise programs, nutritional advice, stress management, smoking cessation and fitness advice. Making strides in fitness and health makes you look and feel better about yourself at home and at work.
  4. Reduced absenteeism and sick leave—It’s not just the common cold or a stomach bug that keeps employees home from work. Health problems such as heart disease, obesity, stress, substance abuse or depression can result in missed work and cause financial loss for the company and employee. A commitment to wellness means a healthy employee, increased productivity and a full paycheck.
  5. Increased company loyalty—Companies who invest in the wellness of their team members creates a mutual feeling of responsibility and gratitude.

Corporate wellness programs do much more than just keeping employees healthy so they do not miss work. Wellness programs encourage teamwork, responsibility and positive self-esteem. Talk to your human resources contact at your place of employment to see if you are enjoying all the benefits of your health plan (Source: Wellness Quotes).